Symptoms of Cancer In Men or Women

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the world. Cancer is most threatening disease if it is detected or diagnosed at an early stage. After spreading curing becomes difficult.

Cancer is a combination of diseases and can cause any sign or symptom. Sometimes diagnosing cancer symptoms is not easy as people doesn’t think that these symptoms are representing cancer. But screening, cancer tests can prevent the devastating formation of cancer.

In this article we will discuss symptoms of cancer that are usually ignored.

1. Blood in the Urine

Sometimes blood in the urine can be a reason of urine infection or kidney stones. But for some people it is common symptom of cancer of the bladder or kidney.

2. Hoarseness

Constant cough or hoarseness is caused by respiratory infection, allergy or polyp in vocal cord. If you have constant cough for one month, it should be evaluated. It can be symptom of thyroid gland cancer.

3. Lumps or Swelling

Lumps or swelling in any body part is a harmless condition representing cyst. Doctor should examine cyst if it is not going away or remain swollen more than three to four weeks.

Breast cancer, lymph nodes, cancer in the testicles can be possible reason of skin lumps.

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4. Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss or lose in weight without workout or meditation can be possible reason of cancer such as pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer or lung cancer.

5. Headache

Headache is possible reason of migraine. If headache happens in an unusual way, it can be sign of brain tumor.

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6. Sores that do not Heal Early

Sores usually heal early and sometimes doesn’t heal due to high blood sugar, or poor blood circulation.

If sores fails to heal, it can be cancer and should visit doctor early. Sores in the mouth can be sign of oral cancer.

7. Itching or Infection in Skin

Itching on skin can be due to fungal infection or psoriasis. Cancerous skin has persistent itching.

If you have mole that changes color or grows in size, it can be sign of skin cancer. Other signs are yellowish dark skin, reddened skin or eyes.

8. Vaginal Bleeding

Women should be evaluated if they have vaginal bleeding after intercourse or between periods. This can be sign of uterus cancer. Blood in cough can be due to the lung cancer.

9. Fever

Fever weakens your body and make it difficult to fight against infections that cause cancer. It can be possible sign of leukaemia and lymphoma.

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10. Feeling Tired

Fatigue is possible sign of cancer if you are taking enough sleep or feel tiredness after taking rest. It can be cause of stomach cancer, leukaemia and colon cancer.

11. Bowel Syndrome

Unusual blood in urine or pain during urination can be possible sign of kidney cancer, bladder cancer or prostate cancer.

12. Indigestion

Indigestion causes constipation and long term constipation can be sign of rectal cancer, or colon cancer.

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