How To Treat Blood Blister in Natural Way

A blood blister is something not to worry about because ofits very common skin issue. It looks like friction or rash blister and the only difference is that it is filled with blood. The filled blood makes it look red, maroon or even purple in colour. It’s a self-healing skin issue and it normally goes away after a day or max two even if you don’t pay any attention to it and do nothing for it.

Blood blisters can occur anywhere on the body but common blood blisters are blood blister in mouth, blood blister on toe, blood blister on lip and a blood blister on finger – normally on the tip of the finger. In the coming paragraphs, we are going to read in details about the appearance, causes and treatments of blood blisters. So, keep reading!

Symptoms of Blood Blisters

As we read in previous paragraphs, the appearance of blood blister is much similar to friction blister. The only difference is that the friction blister is filled with watery fluid while the blood blister – as the name shows – is filled with blood. In the start, it looks red which is the colour of blood and as time passes, it becomes darker in colour and finally, it becomes dark purple or black.

A blood blister is painless until touched. It may pop up if touched hard and that can irritate it. In some cases, the person having a blood blister on finger or blood blister on toe may feel a little kind of irritation.The blood blister in mouth can be a little painful and irritating because tongue often goes these and touches it again and again. And also during eating the blood blister in mouth can cause pain and inflammation to the person.

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Commonly Affected Areas of Blood Blister

As we discussed above in the second paragraph, blood blister can occur anywhere on the body but there are some common locations on the skin where blood blister appears normally like:

  • Blood Blister on Finger
  • Blood Blister in Mouth
  • Blood Blister on Toe
  • Blood Blister on Leg
  • Blood Blister on Lip
  • Blood Blister on Face
  • Blood Blister under nail
  • Blood Blister on Foot

Common Causes of Blood Blister

A blood blister can appear anywhere on the skin where we get hurt but the skin remains intact. Due to the wound, the blood accumulates under the skin and give it a shape of the red blister. There can be any reason for this wound like you hit the football with the foot and your toenail got hurt and you get blood blister on toenail – rather under the toenail. You kept holding a heavy shopping bag for long and that caused blood blister on a finger. Here below we are going to list down some of the common cause of blood blister so that it may be easy for you to read and understand.

  • Getting hit and rubbed by something like a tool.
  • Getting your skin, finger or foot stuck accidentally between two objects like drawer or door etc.
  • Poorly fitted shoe often cause blood blister on toe because it hits and rubs your skin repeatedly.
  • A hard pinch by someone or by something.
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Here we must note something important that blood blisters on the skin are different than the blood blisters in mouth like a blood blister on tongue, blood blister in cheek or blood blister on gums. The causes of blood blister in mouth are different as well. Blood blister in mouth can be dangerous so it’s better to find out the actual reason behind the blood blister in mouth. A better idea is to visit a doctor so he may suggest the actual cause. Some of the common causes of blood blister in mouth are:

  • Allergy
  • Deficiency of some nutritional element
  • Mouth cancer
  • Heave consumption of beverages, alcohol and citric drinks
  • Some blood disease.

Common Precautions Which Can Prevent Blood Blisters

Though blood blister is a common issue and it is something you shouldn’t worry about. But if you are having a blood blister,again and again, it can be something alarming. If you are involved in a work where you often get hits and a blood blister, you should take proper measures to avoid blood blisters like:

  • Wear Gloves while working with the tools that can cause irritation to the skin.
  • Always buy a proper sized and comfortable shoe
  • If you are wearing joggers or some closed shoe, keep your feet dry.

Treatment for Blood Blisters

As we said earlier, you may not worry about the treatment of blood blister. It may get healed and disappear after a day or two. A better idea and the doctors’ recommendation is to leave the blood blister untreated because treatment may irritate it and it may open up the blister for infection. So it’s good to wait for it to get dry and disappear itself from your skin.

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Should you pop a blood blister? The answer is “NO”. Don’t try to do that because it may cause infection and infection in the blood blister is dangerous. If you have a blood blister on the location where it gets hurt and irritated often like a blood blister on toe or blood blister on finger, you should take some extra precautionary measures so that it may heal as soon as possible without getting any irritation or infection. Some of the precautionary measures and tips may include:

  • Apply ice so that the blood may dry up in the blood blister.
  • You can use soft bandage so that it may not get extra pressure or friction.
  • Keep your foot out of the shoe as much as possible.
  • If the blood blister has popped, clean it properly with some antiseptic. The better idea is to visit the doctor for proper medication and treatment in this case.

Some people may recommend some creams or some home remedies for blood blister but a better idea is to avoid any such thing for a self-healing issue like a blood blister. More than blood blister treatment, precautions are better if you get blood blisters.

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