Why Online Training is The Future of Personal Training

Technology is constantly transforming the personal training industry. In addition to the enormous variety of electronic devices that have been developed to assist with exercise, there are mobile device apps that help trainers run their business and manage their client loads and other apps to help clients work with the exercise and diet plans given to them by personal trainers.

One very big way in which technology is going to change the personal training industry is through online training, meaning personal training sessions that are conducted virtually over the Internet instead of in person. Technically this is still personal training, as the instruction is still one-on-one.

This follows the introduction of online sessions in other professions that revolve around one-to-one sessions between service provider and client, such as psychotherapy and life-coaching done over Skype.

It’s been slower to arrive in the personal training industry for the reason that a lot of clients do their training in gyms and health clubs or outdoor locations like parks and roads, where computers are not present. This issue can now be effectively overcome by the use of mobile devices that support video calls and videoconferencing.

Online personal training is an excellent option for people who travel around a lot, but who want to retain the services of a preferred personal trainer instead of using different trainers in the various locations they travel to.

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Online personal training is now being featured in personal training courses such as these, because industry qualifying bodies recognize it as a very important business skill Publiced Center for personal trainers to use when running their businesses.

Personal trainers also benefit considerably from this innovation, because they save money and, far more importantly, time by not needing to travel to meet clients. Removing travel time from a PT’s daily schedule can leave them with an extra hour or two in which to take training sessions, which could increase their daily earnings by twenty, thirty percent or more.

Industry experts predict that online personal training will become the norm sometime in the next ten years, to such an extent that trainers will add a bit onto their hourly rates if a client insists on being trained in person.

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