How to Treat Tongue Herpes

Herpes on tongue comes only when herpes is in the full mouth. This infection is caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 and can appear on inside of cheeks, gums, and top of the mouth. Most of the time, it can also appear on the lips. It is oral herpes tongue infection that has a unique appearance that makes them easy to diagnose by the patient and by the doctors. These wounds sometimes become visible and sometimes, they do not appear on the surface. They can affect different paths of the mouth and cause pain. Herpes on tongue symptoms most of the time appear on the tongue and in the mouth. It is an oral infection that affects the mouth herpes under the tongue and most people in the US suffer from it.

What are the Symptoms of Herpes on Tongue?

Herpes on tongue or herpes under tongue can last for more than 2 to 12 days. The core symptoms of this infection are:

Pain, itching, and burning can be caused by the herpes sore on tongue. After the soreness, wounds can appear that can be small, grey, and sometimes, red. They can be dry, thick, and yellow in some people. The soreness and redness can appear on the lips, gums, under the tongue, above the tongue, throat, and on the cheeks as well. Herpes on your tongue can bleed, swell, and gums can become red. The nymph of the neck can become swelled.

The greyish coating of the tonsils and throat can become sore like the ulcers. Most of the time, people can face breakouts and other symptoms as well. It depends on different people and the symptoms can vary a lot. It is better to visit the doctor for better tongue herpes treatment before the signs will become severe. Once this infection will develop in your tongue or any other part of the body, it is not possible to cure it. There is no information about the people who have cured of oral herpes tongue because this will last for a lifetime.

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What are the different Stages of the Herpes on Tongue?

There are mainly three general stages of herpes on the tongue and it is necessary to take tongue herpes treatment at the right time. In the first stage, infection is developed in the body. The HSV 1 enters the skin or tongue and membrane and reproduction. In this stage, all the symptoms can appear or no one will appear. Herpes on tongue beginning spends most of the time in an inactive state. It can migrate from the root to the spine and continues to reproduce. In the third stage, the virus can reactivate and the emotional and physical stress can start to appear. The cold can lead to fever and soreness or breakout. Most people develop this stage at a very young age and they never face a single breakout.

In the beginning, breakout and soreness can happen. After some days, inflammation in the wound will start to appear and wounds will convert into red and grey cuts. After 3 to 5 days, the cuts can be filled with fluids and they will become highly painful. After some days, the healing process will start to begin. If herpes on back of tongue will become severe, you will have to take the tongue herpes treatment.

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What is the Right Treatment for Herpes on Tongue?

If you will visit the doctor for the herpes simplex tongue infection, he will give you antiviral drugs. He will give you different medicines, pills, and creams for increasing the healing process. If you want to treat the infection at home, you have to use the lip balm with sunscreen for lip protection. To reduce the redness, you can use the cold compress that will improve the healing process. In case of pain, you can use the painkillers that have alcohol. Amino acid supplements and cream are also beneficial for tongue herpes treatment.

Can Herpes on Tongue be Transmitted to others?

Herpes on tongue can be transmitted from one person to another that is infected. If you stay in contact with the infected person sexually and touch then this infection can also develop in you. Most people kiss their kids and kids can be affected by it. The intimate couples can become affected by it. If you will use the toothbrush or silverware of the infected person, the virus can be developed in you. If you feel herpes sore on tongue then you must stay away from other people to protect them. The infection will start to heal after one week to 2 weeks but if the infection is not recovering, you must visit the doctor. Oral herpes tongue can vary from person to person in the healing process. This infection will never go away because there is no permanent treatment for this infection.

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What is the Prevention of Herpes on Tongue?

The best thing to do is to avoid contact with the infected person. Most of the people never get to know that they are suffering from it because of not facing the redness, pain, and soreness. That is why; it becomes hard for them to take the tongue herpes treatment. If the infection is not severe, you can use the home treatment such as cold compress and pain killers. You must avoid the development of inflammation in the wounds because it can take a long time to heal.

You have to take care of your diet, sleeping habits, and also control the illness. This infection can be triggered by pregnancy, stress, lack of sleep, weather conditions, and poor immune system. To reduce the pain, you can use the painkillers in which ibuprofen in included. You can use salt water to take a bath or to rinse the mouth. You have to stay hydrated, take a shower, and take care of the wounds to reduce the severity of the infection. If the pain is unbearable due to herpes sore on tongue, you have to visit the doctor immediately.

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